live in care

Live in Care

CityTrust Healthcare takes a person-focused attitude to live-in care accepting that each individual is different. We accept and appreciate the “tailored requirements” of every person, such as acknowledging likes and dislikes, daily necessities and in some cases medical needs. We work attentively with a client’s family, their GP, Hospitals and whatever organisations are necessary in order to provide a professional “all-inclusive” service.
CityTrust Healthcare offers a dependable, understanding and comprehensive care service to people of all ages whether a person is elderly; disabled or debilitated by illness; we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to both clients and their families.

Why have live-in carers?
A live-in carer means that a client and their family need not be anxious about being alone or ill during the night, family and friends are able to visit for as long or short as they please, and if a person cared for is capable of going out, then a carer will take them on routine visits to the shops, family or friends.  Our aim is to help a person to live life as full as what is sensibly achievable in the comfort of their own home.

It is our objective to create an overall optimistic demeanour to people’s lives by offering an agreeable option to care homes; because our research reveals that up to 95% of people prefer to stay in their own home for as long as a reasonably practicable.  Our service allows individuals to remain comfortably in their own home and most importantly to maintain their lifestyle irrespective of age or illness, as CityTrust Healthcare’s live-in carers enable a person to receive every support and assistance without having to leave their home.