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To help us monitor our performance against the standards set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we would like to ask you to comment on how we perform against the CQC'S Fundamental Standards which we are legally obliged to meet. There is space at the end of the survey for you to add further comments if you want to explain your score or add any other comments to help us improve our service.

The Key Question "RESPONSIVE" states:

"By Responsive, we mean that services are organised so that they meet people's needs. In adult social care this means that people get the care they need, are listen to and have their rights and diverse circumstances respected."
1. Staff respond promptly in answer to requests for help.
2. Staff are always caring towards me.
3. The Agency asks me what is important to me when my care arrangements (my Care Plan) are made.
4. The Agency recognises and provides for my personal beliefs and values in care arrangements (my Care Plan).
5. The Agency regularly reviews my care arrangements (my Care Plan) with me.
6. Changes to my care arrangements (Care Plan) which I have agreed to do actually happen.
7. Staff and the Agency have told me how to complain or raise a concern.
8. The Agency listens to my concerns, complaints and comments, and does something about them.
9. The Agency gives me personal feedback when I raise concerns, complaints and comments, telling me the outcome in good time.
10. Staff ask for my individual views about my care services and support on a regular basis.
11. The Agency encourages my relatives and friends to provide feedback about my care.
12. The Agency protects my confidentiality when I visit other services, such as hospital


If you wish, you do not have to declare your identity on this survey and you may submit it anonymously