Palliative Care



Our dedicated team work closely with CHC professionals and multidisciplinary teams to arrange packages of palliative care right across the UK, typically within 48 hours of enquiry.

Upon enquiry, we can organise a telephone assessment to be conducted by our Senior Registered Nurse specialist and a member of our Care Management team. Following assessment, final costing is established and the package of palliative home care can start straight away.

We have demonstrable ability to organise seamless same-day and fast starts for palliative care customers, assigning an experienced and knowledgeable Carer to each case. Carers can arrive at customer’s homes really quickly, with a thorough understanding of their physical and psychological requirements.

We have an abundance of Carers with palliative care expertise who regularly work alongside hospices, Macmillan support groups and District Nurses to maintain patient comfort and dignity in the latter stages of life.

Available to CHC palliative cases, our Carers are trained in complex care, including pain management, ventilator care, administration of medication, nebuliser care and bladder/bowel management.