Financial Modelling Services

Virtually every major business decision is supported by results from a computer model. However, financial models are not free from error, and a single inaccuracy can undermine the credibility and viability of a project. Financial Modelling has a key role to play in making business decisions provided the models are based on valid assumptions and properly evaluated associated risks. Businesses must ensure that their decisions are not distorted by errors arising during the model development process.
Abbfem professionals are drawn from a multitude of background .We combine an integrated global approach with extensive industry experience and local knowledge to address the complex needs of our client.
Our financial modelling experience allows us to critically review and develop stronger financial models, which include,

Model Build

– designing and developing robust financial models in an efficient and value adding manner which include:

  1. Robust, transparent and easy to use financial models, typically including integrated financial statements (P&L, balance sheet and cash flow)
  2. Flexible tools to assist in quantifying the impact of changes in the key assumptions through defined ‘what if’ scenarios and/or sensitivities
  3. Outputs customised to client needs, including financial metrics such as Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and projected banking covenant ratios; where appropriate, these are supported by graphics to aid understanding
  4. Supporting documentation in the form of an assumptions/data book and user guide
  5. Training, either to support the users of a specific model or, more generally, on modelling techniques and methods
  6. Assessment of the client’s in-house modelling processes and capability together with recommendations for improvement



We have experiennced team which consists of experienced modelling consultants, qualified accountants and taxation professionals. We have good reputation in providing financial modelling support to clients across industries.
The benefit to our clients:

  • Better informed decisions
  • Confidence that decisions are based on a robust and reliable modelling approach
  • Access to the firm’s accounting expertise to ensure that models conform to generally accepted accounting frameworks
  • Review of the client’s in-house modelling processes
  • Provision of technical training on financial model design and build Specification, build and ongoing maintenance of financial models to support key investment, financing or other strategic decisions